Community Service

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Gilroy students are unable to complete the Community Service requirements as stated in Board Policy 6146.1. At the April 23, 2020 GUSD board meeting, the Board of Education modified the existing policy to assist our students who are in the class of 2020 in fulfilling all requirements for graduation from the Gilroy Unified School District:

  • Seniors with 160+ hours will be recognized with green cords upon graduation.
  • The Senior from each school with the most hours will be recognized with their name on the perpetual plaque.
  • Members of the class of 2020 will not be required to complete the 80 hour requirement in order to earn a diploma.
  • Members of the class of 2021 will be required to complete 75 hours as part of the graduation requirements. (using the prorated 5 hours per quarter philosophy)
  • Students in the class of 2022 and 2023 will be required to complete 80 hours as part of the graduation requirements.  

Beginning with the graduating class of 2014, high school students in GUSD must complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service. To graduate, all GUSD students will fulfill a minimum of 80 hours of community service, no later than May 1 of their senior year. Students must earn 10 hours in at least two of these categories:

  • Senior citizens
  • Young children 
  • Disabled citizens
  • School-related 
  • The environment
  • The homeless 
  • Literacy
  • Animal care 
  • Promoting health and physical fitness 
  • Promoting the arts and culture 

To document community service hours, students should:

  • Take the GUSD timesheet with them to the community service activity
  • Fill out the form completely
  • Make sure the supervisor at the community service activity signs off on the hours
  • Sign the timesheet
  • Have the parent sign the timesheet
  • Make a copy of the timesheet for his or her records
  • Return the form directly to their school's community service coordinator

When entering high school in GUSD, students will receive a community service pamphlet, a complete list of requirements and a timesheet for recording service hours. 

Community service is a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions.  Community service is defined as volunteer service for an approved nonprofit agency.

Community Service Coordinators

Gretchen Yoder-Schrock

GECA Griffin

Rebecca Plaza

Gilroy High School

Lauren Mantani

Mt. Madonna High School

Carmina Salgado